Shimmering River Table

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From the seller's website: I’m pleased to introduce you to Grace. A shimmering river table, she’s the most beautiful and engaging piece of functional art I’ve made so far.

Grace is 34″ wide at her narrow end and nearly 48″ at her widest as well as just over 55″ long. Standing on her raw metal hairpin legs she’s about 18 3/4″ high.

Simply put, Grace is beautiful. She’s not the most “popular girl in school” (well at least not yet) but she’s the elegant, understated, unique beauty that catches your eye one day and then from that day on you find yourself increasingly attracted to her because she’s intelligent, she’s sophisticated, and she has so many intriguing qualities. You just can’t keep your eyes off of her.

Why Grace as a name for this piece? This table is a catalyst or a flagship work of functional art that will set the tone for many more similar works and when I was creating this table it was an inspired project. When working on something like this it’s like you’re in a flow or what many would call “being in the zone.” I’ll often describe this as being in a state of grace.

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