Sigg Heavy Duty Water Bottle - BLACK (0.75 litre)

Sigg Heavy Duty Water Bottle - BLACK (0.75 litre)

Sadhana Yoga Studio

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Product Description

  •  Rugged aluminum bottle is seamless and leakproof; bottle is recyclable at the end of it's long life
  •  A taste-neutral, food-compatible enamel is sprayed and baked to the interior surface
  •  The result is a crack-resistant bottle impervious to the acidity of wine, juices and isotonic drinks
  •  Interior coating will not leach into fluids; bottles can be refrigerated but should not be frozen
  •  Screw top with metal ring lets you carry the bottle in the crook of a finger or clipped to a pack with a small carabiner



*** some of the water bottles are logoed with - 30 day Challenge  


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