Snowblower Berco 48" (lightly used)

K-W Mitsubishi

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Product Description

Comes with Cover

Durability, Toughness, Performance

For users with more ground to cover with their snowblower. Perfect for residential use.

Gear Box

Maintenance free, gives power to the auger to throw the snow even further.

Electric lift (winch included)

Raise and lower the snowblower by a flip of a switch

Controls at your fingertips

Engage the snowblower by activating the same system as the mower deck of the tractor

Raise and lower the snowblower

Turn the chute to the left or right by using the handle located to the left of the driver

One Mounting For All

Use the same mounting to install the other Berco accessories such as the Rotary Broom and the Blade.

Quick Installation

Once the bolt-on-brackets are mounted to the tractor, they may remain on permanently with no interference with the mower deck.

Pre-assembled winch for quick and easy installation."


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