Strong Women (Unframed)

Strong Women (Unframed)

Kathryn smith

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Image size: 9″ x 13″

“Strong Women”  – Knot A Breast Dragon Boat Racing Team

In April of 1998 a very small group of breast cancer survivors formed the Knot A Breast Dragon Boat racing team at Hamilton’s Macassa Bay Yacht Club.  The group now consists of 70 women and 2 men.  Team members range from 25 to 70 years of age.  All are breast cancer survivors.

There are now approximately 40 breast cancer Dragon Boat racing teams across Canada.  Teams continue to form in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

The mission of this team is to raise awareness that breast cancer survivors can lead active, full lives and not be limited by a disease.

The Knot A Breast, breast cancer Dragon Boat Team is a non-profit group relying on the generosity of individuals and small businesses.  This Hamilton team is the only team that currently does not have a corporate sponsor, even though they are the national champions.  It is my hope that this painting will inspire one of Hamilton’s larger corporations to financially back this team.

A portion of all sales from the Limited Edition prints of “Strong Women” will be donated to the Knot A Breast Dragon Boat racing team.

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