Summer in the City - Limited Edition Print (unframed)

Summer in the City - Limited Edition Print (unframed)

Kathryn smith

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Image size: 15 1/4″ x 21 1/2″

-Gore Park-

The downtown Hamilton of the late 1950’s was a vibrant part of the city, comparing favorably to any community across the country.

Along with the many high quality department stores, men’s and ladies clothing shops and shoe stores were a variety of excellent restaurants, movie theatres, and cocktail lounges featuring live entertainment. Musicians came from across Canada and the U.S.A. to play here.

At the heart of the downtown core is Gore Park. A triangular section of land set in the middle of King Street on a piece of land donated by George Hamilton, the city’s namesake. In subsequent years, grass, flowers, and statues were added, all by private subscription.

During the 1980’s a “new plan” for the park resulted in it’s almost total destruction. The backlash of public outrage resulted in the park being restored to it’s original glory by 1996.

Many people still remember places like the ‘ Honey Dew coffee shop’ where a quarter could buy a glass of ‘Honey dew’ on a hot, summer afternoon; or going to the “Chicken Roost” or the “Majestic Restaurant” for a snack after an evening of dancing to the “Ron Wicken Orchestra” at the Alexandra ballroom.

Those were the golden years for downtown Hamilton, a gentler time, which will last forever in the minds of the people who lived through them.

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