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Hopefully you are noticing that we are big proponents of radical natural health!

While we are big advocates for staying away from skin-damaging seed oils and responsibly getting as much natural sun as possible, we understand that not all skin types or situations are alike. This brings us to our mineral-based sun balm. Packed with 20% non-nano zinc oxide, it provides a physical barrier against UVA and UVB rays, while not getting absorbed into the skin. The tallow base provides anti-inflammatory properties while providing a hydrating, vitamin A, B, D, E, and K rich base so you can feel good every time you need to use it!

As an added benefit we paired it with eucalyptus essential oil, for a natural bug deterrent!

As with all of our products, a little goes a long way. Always consider seeking shade during the most intense parts of the day.

Ingredients: Tallow, lanolin, zinc oxide, essential oils(eucalyptus)

DISCLAIMER: This product does not claim to protect against sunburns.

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