Touchless Dispenser - Liquid Sanitizer

Touchless Dispenser - Liquid Sanitizer

Safeworx Disinfecting Systems

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Product Description

"Touchless Refillable Hand Liquid Sanitizer Dispenser with Black
Features and Benefits:
• Automatic Touchless Operation
• Refillable
• 1200ml Solution Tank
• Battery Operated 4 C's
• Adjustable Black Stand
• Stands approximately 147cm or 57 inches tall
• Black Dispenser
• Liquid Sanitizer
• 4L Liquid Hand Sanitizer included

This handsfree liquid spray hand sanitizer dispenser with a very solid sturdy adjustable black stand is
for easy and convenient placement wherever you need it.
Handsfree operation so germs aren't spread through pushing buttons.
For Commercial Use such as office, daycares, entrances etc...."


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