Trellis Wedding Ring Hand-Made Quilt - King Size

Eastern Sunrise Lace and Linens Inc

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Product Description

Looking forward to Spring! The scent of freshness whiffing in the air! The green-ness of Life sprouting everywhere, on the ground, in the trees! ‘Tis the season of waking up to the wonders of being alive!

Let us change our home décor. Refresh with this  handmade Trellis Wedding Ring Quilt! Let the Leprechauns bring back our old magic. Welcome Green and White!. The Ivy provides a more playful touch, interweaving the Celtic symbolism of prosperity with harmony.

 Description details:

  • 100% Cotton hand quilted.
  • Size: King : 104”x86”
  • Machine washable “hand washing cycle”.
  • Air dry.

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