WalkGoo Protective Gel, Blister Protection -3 oz

WalkGoo Protective Gel, Blister Protection -3 oz


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Product Description

Why do I need HikeGoo, RunGoo, or WalkGoo?
I just spent a lot of money on shoes and socks, why do I need more? Because if you run or hike long enough, you will likely still get blisters. Why? Because your shoes or boots are perfectly symmetrical…the left is an exact mirror image of the right… and your feet are not. So, if you buy your footwear at a store, they will not fit your feet perfectly. There will be places prone to blisters. And even if your feet were perfectly matched to your shoes, after an hour of running or hiking, the feet swell and are no longer the perfect fit they were at the start. So the bottom line is that if you run or hike far
enough…and that distance is different for everyone…. you WILL get blisters. Let’s prevent that from happening and avoid the pain!

Why It Works
The simple answer is that our barrier creams stick around much longer than any other blister prevention or anti-chafe products on the market. They contain a high percentage of specialty hard waxes. These waxes make the products persistent….make them stick around all day to provide a protective layer that reduces rubbing, friction, calluses and blisters. Most other anti-chafe and blister prevention products are dimethicone-based. They are OK for thighs and chest but are too thin to stand up in the harsh environment of a shoe and you can’t apply enough to last all day.

There is so much hard wax in the HikeGoo, and WalkGoo emulsions, that if they cool down from the temperature that they are created without special processing, they become a hard lump in the tube that will not come out of the half inch tube opening! What we were able to figure out that nobody else has, is how to adjust the rheology (deformation and flow) of the product so that it can flow out of a tube.

The other key to our product’s persistence is the balance of lanolin alcohol in the emulsion. It is balanced to absorb water or excess sweat and make the emulsion “slipperier”. So we take the ever-present moisture at the skin-sock interface that usually contributes to blister formation, and integrate it into our products and actually make them better…slipperier.

And the beauty of the persistent emulsion is that all the while it is preventing blisters, it is also moisturizing your feet..so you can have blister prevention AND healthy feet.

How does the applicator tube work?
To apply, unsnap the slotted over-cap. With one or both hands, squeeze the tube firmly to get the cream started out the hole. Squeeze hard. After this initial squeeze the cream will come out more easily. Now with one hand, continue squeezing the tube, rub the applicator over your foot taking care to thickly cover problem areas such as heels, bunions, toes and the soles of your feet. Don’t worry if the coverage is uneven or lumpy. This is normal.

Starting at your toes with your sock mostly inside-out, roll /pull your sock on and up over your heel. Don’t drag your sock on as this could wipe away some cream leaving exposed areas.

Wipe off excess cream from the applicator (on the inside of your sock) and snap-on the slotted over-cap.

Should I rub it in or layer it on?
If you are going to be engaged in your activity for a long time (i.e. hours): Apply Thickly. Our Goo protective foot creams create a friction-free layer between your skin and sock which reduces the abrasive rubbing that causes foot blisters and calluses. A thicker layer provides optimum protection.

We’ve also been told by many of our customers who wear flip-flops and high heels that rubbing a smaller amount of SilkStep™ on the tops and around the sides of their feet really helps keep their feet comfortable as well as moisturizing dry skin and smoothing cracked heels.

Do I need to re-apply Goo half way through the day?
No. Don’t take off your boots or shoes. One thick application of Goo lasts all day.

Will Goo stain my feet or socks?
No. All Goo foot creams are pigment free. They do, however, contain lanolin, waxes and oils and these will naturally absorb into and darken leather and some fabrics.

Your products are thick and waxy, will I have to wash them off later?
No. That sensation you feel is the protective friction-free nature of our products. Reducing friction is what protects feet from blisters and callus formation. All our products contain lanolin and both hard and soft waxes and oils. They will completely absorb into your skin after your activity leaving your feet soft and smooth with no residue.

What is the difference between the different Goo foot creams?
HikeGoo is designed for all-day blister prevention while doing strenuous activities
WalkGoo and SilkStep contain more soft waxes than HikeGoo and is intended for every-day foot care. There are hard waxes in WalkGoo that help with blister prevention but there also is a moisturization component to keep feet healthy.

Can I use Goo foot creams to treat existing blisters?
No. If Goo protective foot creams were not used before the activity and blisters formed, treat the condition as prescribed by your doctor. Goo protective foot creams are to be used only on closed healthy skin.

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