Tall Pines Trail (12 x 24)

Tall Pines Trail (12 x 24)

Barbara Simmons Fine Art

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Original Acrylic on Gallery Depth Cradled Birch Panel

12 x 24 x 1.5

There is a sheltered trail through the woods on the other side of Tiny Beaches Road. It is my go-to walking route- it has less wind than the beach, and is a nice "forest-bathing" first leg to the walk. The trees are tall and the trail well trodden as it follows Tiny Beaches Road behind the cottages and houses. I always enjoy the company of the trees, and for all the folks that use the trail I rarely see anyone. Once the trail ends at Desroches Trail, I turn, cross Tiny Beaches Road and make my way home along the beach. On this December day there was a light snow on the ground.

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