Book - Dream Redefined

Book - Dream Redefined

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Dream, Redefined: The Struggle and Success Through Infertility as a Woman of Color

Hitting at a flashpoint moment in history, Dream, Redefined focuses on the unique perspective of women of color through infertility diagnosis and treatment. Candace Clark Trinchieri provides a powerful voice for minority women and shines a light on the distinctive struggles and barriers they face when it comes to infertility.
Raw, non-clinical, and with a touch of humor borne from pain, personal and identifiable narratives, Dream, Redefined: The Struggle and Success Through Infertility as a Woman of Color dives deep into the cultural impact of infertility, pregnancy loss, the struggles of being a WOC in the medical system, lack of representation, and support and resources.
Most importantly it amplifies voices and drives forward the personal stories that have been lacking in discussions of infertility. Rather than searching for a final answer, Dream, Redefined seeks to re-center the common narrative and help women find peace and resolution wherever the journey to motherhood takes them.
Candace provides a comprehensive resource-list for minority women seeking answers, solace, community, and family building alternatives.


Written by Candace Clark Trinchieri

After four and a half years, nine IVFs, two surgeries, countless miscarriages, a failed attempt at surrogacy, and one egg donor; Candace Clark Trinchieri and her husband are the parents of a son through adoption.
For over a decade, she has worked tirelessly to advocate for infertility access and affordability. She has served as an Ambassador for RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, as well as National Vice-Chair Policy and Education for RESOLVE Advocacy Day. She has spoken passionately before members of Congress and Senate on behalf of infertility treatment and access for men, women, Military families, and the continued passage of the Adoption Tax Credit.
Home is Los Angeles, Candace co-founded Infertility Warriors with Tomiko Fraser Hines; this monthly support group was open to all women with a particular focus geared to the concerns of women of color.
With her husband and son, she is one of four stories features in the documentary film One More Shot about infertility and journey to motherhood.

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