Book - Home of the Soul

Book - Home of the Soul

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Home of the Soul: A True Tale of Mystic Encounters that Awakened my Spirit

Home of the Soul is a mystical journey that transcends many lifetimes. Kady describes events led by intuition and tells an exciting tale of deep despair, extraordinary synchronicities, and triumph! It’s often said that the choices we make shape our lives, so what if the path you chose had so many twists that it had you questioning your entire life? 

Just as she thought she was lost forever, and her life was doomed, something emerged out of the shadows. At first the image was so dim that it was barely recognizable. As Kady started to lean in, she could feel the heat and a faint whisper. Does your soul have a home? A place where it rests. A place where you’re meant to find it? Kady’s soul was found in an unlikely place and it had company. 

“It had been two years since I felt joy. The excitement and anticipation of my dreams, the plans I built my life on had shattered so slowly and painfully that it was hard to even imagine what they once were.” As you dive deep into the most challenging years of Kady’s life, she shares what brought her out of depression. She had feared losing everything she held dear for so long that surrendering became the only option to try and live again.

Written by Kady Romagnuolo

Kady Romagnuolo is a mindset and performance coach who specializes in combating fear, breaking the cycle of self-sabotage, releasing past traumas, and building self-confidence. Her passion as a coach comes from a place of experience. As a certified NLP Master Practitioner, inspirational author, and motivational speaker she helps others to engage their core story. Kady is recognized for her advocate work to support mental health for real estate professionals, and as an experienced Real Estate Broker has trained agents across Canada.

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